Review Classes

Review classes for Procurement and supplies Technician Board (PSPTB) Candidates and National Board of Accounts and Audits (NBAA) candidates.

Professional Training

 Employers may offer their employees opportunities to attend professional training workshops in order to improve their work performance.

Business Consultation

This Includes ICT, Accounts, procurements, Statistics/Mathematics, Supplies of stationery 

KP Professional Services & General Supplies (KPS)

is a company based in tanzania, east africa. We are committed to bring modernized way of providing professional services in our region.
Where does it come from?
KPS was established in February 2012, The Company is owned and managed by Tanzanians. Since its inception, the company has seen a tremendous growth, having the potential clients based in Dar-es-salaam and up-country. Our Clients includes various institutions, Schools/Colleges, Parastatals, International Organizations, Private Companies and individuals.

Our Partners and Customers

KP Professional Services & General Supplies (KPS) has carried out a number of projects to different companies and organisations. Below are some of our happy clients we have served.

We do guarantee you that, you'll "Shine with Profession"